GIANTS 2022- Turmoil into Triumph; celebrating community and connections.

Krystal Dallinger a proud Gamilaroi woman is once again honoured to be the artist behind the GIANTS 2022 Indigenous Dress. Krystal has created the GIANTS Indigenous artwork for the last five years and continues to amaze and inspire with beautiful designs conveying heartfelt messages.

The latest artwork is filled with Turmoil & Tragedy. Both monumental at being the background to our strength, the force behind our actions and the ultimate inspiration to aim higher.  This along with symbols showing the importance of Connections, how they bind us together, protect us and work towards a better future.

Valour Sport in conjunction with the GIANTS are proud to align with this latest artwork.

Valour’s corporate culture highlights the importance of individuality whilst coming together as a community. This is shown by their ability to take a team design and create high quality sportswear that can be worn by men, women and children in different shaped garments that all highlight the key elements of the design.  This inclusivity connects directly to Krystal’s message of community and connections.

View the GIANTS Indigenous Range 2022.


The story behind the 2022 Indigenous design

Inspiration for the design came from the grave impact Covid-19 has had on communities and families. The pandemic caused great disconnect while changing the normality of everyday life.  The circle in the centre of the design represents family and the importance of togetherness. The circle within the centre pays respect to those lost through tragedy. A strong message that resonates with so many impacted in varying ways from the pandemic. In particular for Krystal, the circle is a sign of respect to the Elers family who suffered a devastating tragedy in 2021. 2022 GIANTS Indigenous Design

The patterns either side of the circle symbolise the disconnection of communities and families, shown strongly in how it disconnects the dress. The divide shows the struggle many are going through along with an overwhelming feeling of unknown in the current times throughout regional and remote communities.

As we move past the disorder, the design shifts focus to new beginnings and greater connections. The Gum Tree is representative of moving forward and forming new relationships in a welcome manner. It will act as a protection whilst also cleansing bad spirits.  The black bird, a totem in Walgett, symbolises Elders watching over us. Based on the left-hand side to keep it close to our hearts, while the hands imply hands reaching out for family. 

For Krystal, the 4 circles connected by footprints walking toward the middle represent her families from Walgett, Dubbo and Newcastle along with her GIANTS family. For those wearing the garment, the design will represent their family groups. All then meeting in the middle, sharing valuable stories, and creating a better future together.

Krystal’s design turns turmoil into triumph by acknowledging the disconnection felt throughout the pandemic and celebrating community, connections and the resulting stronger connection going forward. 

GIANTS Indigenous Unisex Tee GIANTS Indigenous Unisex Tee back