Customised Apparel Solutions from Unique Designs to Event Sales & Support

Our partnership with CIS (Combined Independent Schools) has enabled Valour Sport to showcase our businesses full capabilities in supporting large event apparel requirements.

Valour Sport specialises in designing a bespoke range of customised apparel that truly encapsulates the special attributes of each of our clients. Key to our partnership with the NSWCIS was our ability to create a number of garments suitable for a variety of sports from Athletics to Rugby to Swimming and dozens of others along the way. The garments for each athlete and sporting category have differing functionality requirements. Valour Sport concentrates on designing sportswear to enhance the functionality of the athlete, allowing the participant to compete at their very best level.

CIS customised apparel
CIS customised apparel Valour Sports
CIS customised apparel Valour Sports


In addition to being able to manufacture professional sport specific apparel, it is Valour’s attention to detail that really segments us from other sportswear providers. Our ability to dye and access fabrics and have them custom dyed across multiple fabric, accessories, trims and packaging ensures that even over numerous events or years your design will remain consistent.


But this is where your journey will just begin, Valour Sport offer a myriad of delivery options so that the customer can choose what suits their requirements. From delivering product across a multitude of sophisticated channels that span single drop bulk shipments to e-commerce platforms offering 24/7 accessible products. Valour Sport caters for the new world environment; with online shopping options delivering direct to a participants  door or full event sales merchandising and support.


Valour Sport have multiple pop-up merchandising stands including fully branded gazebos, trailers and containers. Our professionally prepared and delivered assets will help your event goers understand their apparel requirements along with additional merchandise available. Manned with informed Valour Staff that can educate and help your attendees, our latest POS systems will easily process sales both on the day and in the lead up to the event, giving you the ultimate opportunity to maximise revenue.


Working with CIS has given Valour Sport the opportunity to enhance our high-quality garments over a range of sporting categories. This along with our ability to offer numerous delivery options along with event support, has cemented Valour Sport’s ability to provide all-inclusive partnerships.


Simplify your next large sporting event by discussing how Valour Sport can tailor a program ideal for you.