Valour’s ONE TEAM initiative was created after recognising a shift in sports apparel needs, with Australian Netball great Liz Ellis' State of the Game Review highlighting how many young athletes have been deterred from competitive sport due to regulated uniforms.

Originally collaborating with our partners at Netball NSW and now adopted by partner organisations in and out of netball, the ONETEAM range is designed with different comfort, modesty, and cultural sensitivities in mind for a more inclusive approach to sports apparel.

We are now seeing inclusive uniforms recognised and policies rolled out by multiple sports governing bodies around Australia.


Valour proudly offers apparel designed to provide a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone and has long been curating inclusive apparel and ranges across a wide range of sports. It is Valour's bespoke design and manufacturing ability that allows for customisation of garments.

The ONE TEAM initiative enables community sporting clubs to embrace adaptability and flexibility around uniforms to encourage participation. With the ability to offer mix-and-match uniforms for teams so that people of all ages, gender identities and cultural backgrounds will feel comfortable to undertake sport.


A ONE TEAM design matches across multiple upper garment options and allows different mi-and-match lower body garments allowing participants to wear their uniform in a manner they find most comfortable.

The diverse range includes;

  • Ladies and unisex sizes to cater to all body types and identities.
  • Short and long-sleeved tops for anyone who is sun-conscious or with cultural sensitivities.
  • Short and long-length bottoms for anyone who is sun-conscious or with cultural sensitivities.

Valour can tailor garments to suit all abilities if you need a more custom fit. Our unique designs mean the whole team's look is consistent across any garment combination.