Valour is at the cutting-edge of design and manufacturing. Working tirelessly with the inhouse R&D department and our key partners to push our sportwear to the limits.

For Valour, innovation isn't only about new colourways and designs, our process starts right from garment conception. Considering the form, fit, fabrics, design and purpose of each garment sets the innovation process into motion.

Valour saw a gap in the market for custom, innovative sportswear that is accessible to athletes of all levels and abilities. Valour strives to innovate garments in several key areas.

Each new garment or range offers an opportunity to build on the extensive research and testing previously undertaken with the objective to find new ways to give our athletes and customers the extra 1%. Each of the following areas are considered when undertaking a new fit and design:

  • Function and performance
  • Fit and form
  • Fabric technology
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Continual feedback


Valour is committed to continually striving for technical innovation and quality. Valour works extensively to push the boundaries in sportwear. Our garments and ranges are known by athletes, young and old to give the extra percentage gains to help them perform at their maximum levels for longer while recovering quicker.

We put our sportswear through rigorous testing and work closely with our key partners to ensure the garments not only look great, but feel comfortable and are easy to care for. We are on a continuous mission to improve the status quo of performance apparel.

In netball for example, we have thrown out the rule book of what a netball dress is supposed to be and has been since its inception. We have loaded our pro dress with cutting edge fabrications, fits and netball specific technology that gives our athletes the ultimate edge over their competitors.


Great apparel isn't great if it doesn't fit right. Over the past 12 years, since Valour's beginning, our high-performance team have seen countless samples reworked until they hit the mark for each sport. With innovations in stitching and panelling to necklines and mixed materials, Valour works with athletes to find out what they are needing from a garment to help them preform at their peak.

We do not believe in providing a single shape for all sports and athletes and love to flex our skills when given a challenge. We have fit and form specialists in our apparel design team that rework shapes and finishes to produce exceptionally high performance and quality garments that take the athletes minds off what they're wearing so they can focus on pushing harder.

As specialists in the Research and Development of fabric technologies, Valour has redefined performance fabrics, offering exclusive technologies unmatched by other uniform suppliers.With a core library of exclusive high performance sportswear fabrics, Valour can design and make an unlimited variety of sportswear uniforms. Easy care garments that are highly durable is our priority.


Our developed range of fabrics follow four values:1. APPROPRIATE Sportswear must be comfortable and suitable for an athlete’s sport.2. QUALITY: Breathable and easily laundered fabrics are vital for sportswear uniforms.3. COMFORTABLE: Athletes put much strain on their bodies and sportswear, therefore it is important to develop fabrics that are comfortable to wear year-round.4. PRESENTABLE: Sports uniforms should present a positive image to the public – crisp prints and consistency in colour across a sports uniform range is critical for the Australian market.


Valour is known for our advanced and innovative designs. Creating eye-catching and luxury designs has set a Valour team apart from their competition for many years. Not afraid to use bold statement colours, graphical elements and mixed materials and fabrics have led to Valour's ranges to be the most striking on the court or field. In consultation with our partners, the design team create unique apparel that speak of their brand while modernising many teams.


Technology plays a huge role in the quality and design of Valour's garments. Starting at the design stage where customers can design their own garments using Valour's Design Room feature to make their concepts come to life. Our team work with customers to create the perfect mix of club and association branding with eye-catching and innovative finishing. Our team provide bespoke design services and offer advice on the best fit for your purpose.

Once the garment or range has been designed it is sent to our Australia owned and operated production and manufacturing facilities to be made. At our factories we use iGarment/iWork which uses RFID technology to collect real time data about your order as well as computerised colour matching which maintains <1.5% colour variance to your master colour, ensuring you get stunning results reorder after reorder.

We also use laser cutters for precision finishing and x-ray machines that guarantee garments are safe to wear.

It is important to Valour that you are not just satisfied but continually impressed by our apparel.


As we continually strive to create and manufacture incredible performance garments, consulting with our partners and customers is key to innovating. We look to those who put the apparel to the test, how it feels, how it looks, how it washes and how it wears to provide constant feedback. We are innovators and want to find new and exciting ways to lead the market in customer sportswear.