Firebirds Reignite as First Nation apparel design celebrates healing and the path forward.

Sharing stories through art, inspiring Firebird players though a rich cultural message of inclusion. 

Netball Queensland reached a milestone this April, when they launched their reconciliation Action plan along with the artwork titled ‘Reignited - Healing Smoke’ by local Goreng Goreng Artist- Rachael Sarra.

The artwork by renowned First Nations artist Rachael Sarra helps to paint a picture of Netball Queensland’s cultural journey.

Indigenous Artwork-Rachael Sarra-First Nations Round

The stunning artwork has a significant meaning, representing the call to action for those in Netball Queensland. The artwork expresses the shortfalls of the past, along with Healing Smoke and new energy; showing the pathway to move forward with better representation for all cultures throughout the sport.

Netball Queensland in conjunction with Rachael Sarra and the Queensland Firebirds have worked with Valour to take this artwork and represent it accurately on the Firebirds apparel for the First Nations rounds this netball season.  With so much meaning behind the artwork, the design team at Valour has ensured the garment design has captured the key elements represented in the artwork signifying fire, healing smoke, and connected lines. 

The Firebirds are looking forward to the First Nation games which will hold increased significance in 2022 with two Indigenous players within their team. Their inclusion within the squad throughout the year and particularly for the First Nations rounds will help inspire younger players of all cultures.


Valour took the opportunity to speak to Donnell Wallam, one of only two Indigenous players currently within Super Netball to gauge her feelings towards the first nation rounds and the indigenous dress. Hear her thoughts below in the video


The Firebirds First Nations apparel will be available direct from the Valour website or at the First Nation game on the 4th June.


Firebirds-2022-Indigenous-T-ShirtFirebirds-2022-Indigenous-T-Shirt-backFirebird Indigenous Scarf