Producing top quality sportswear is in our DNA. Read about the checks and measures we have in place to guarantee you get the best sportswear around.

Professional athletes and school children place rigorous demands on their sportswear. Valour’s custom designed sports uniforms meet the challenge.

Valour use industry-leading sportswear fabrics and enforce rigorous quality control to ensure our sportswear has a minimal return rate.

Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:1994, Quality systems - Model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing guides everything we do at Valour.

We supply sportswear to the most demanding clients – private schools. They demand consistency and quality of the highest order. Over the past 10 years private schools have reordered and redesigned their sportswear with Valour due to our industry-leading design, manufacture, service and supply systems.

A pre-production sample is created for every piece of Valour custom sportswear. Clients approve the sample, then the bulk order is sent to our manufacturing facility. This strict review and approval process ensures a 100% satisfaction rate on end sportswear garments.

Valour’s Quality Control Plan guarantees every stage of the production process minimises faults and results in the production of premium quality sportswear

Valour’s Quality Assurance Process

Roll fabric onto the cutting table

Fabric is spread and checked for alignment, shading, number or piles, wastage and shrinkage.

When fabric is rolled onto the cutting table inconsistently, variations in patterns pieces occur.

Valour's Quality Assurance Process - fabric checks
Valour's Quality Assurance Process - check pattern markers

Check pattern markers

Each pattern piece has markers to ensure

  • It’s cut on the correct grain
  • Alignment with other patterns pieces
  • Identification and size labels are accurate.

Markers prevent issues at the cutting stage.

Cutting room checks

The cutting phase is critical. An incorrect cut can change the style and fit of a garment.

Valour’s cutting room quality control procedures check for accuracy, pattern faults, rectifications, bundling, ticketing and work instructions.

The temperature of the cutting knife and its sharpness, faults in a fabric and movement in pattern markers can impact the quality of the finished garment.

Valour's Quality Assurance Process - cutting room checks
Valour's Quality Assurance Process - the sewing room

The sewing room

The setup of Valour’s sewing room ensures the highest accuracy. Workers follow tested handling and sewing methods.

Sewing machines are regularly tested for tension, needle sharpness and foot pressure, all of which can affect the strength of a garment’s seams and durability.

Variations in stitch length and threads cause puckering and pulling, so these are monitored.

Completed garments are checked against the pre-production sample to ensure 100% consistency.


Finishing and pressing

A pressing machine that is too hot can damage fabrics, causing shine and shrinkage.

At the pressing and finishing stage accessories including zips and buttons, product specification tags and swing tags are routinely inspected.

Valour's Quality Assurance Process - finishing and pressing

Final checks

Before shipping sportswear to clients, Valour checks random items again the pre-production sample. This final stage ensures the colour, cut and fit are consistent with the client’s expectations.