Valour Ambassador in Focus: Aimee Fisher

Aimee Fisher, Valour Ambassador and Maitland (Newcastle) local, is a para-athlete setting records, inspiring many and working hard to achieve her goals both on the track and towards her career. 


Growing Up

Aimee grew up participating in a variety of sports including gymnastics, dancing and athletics. In her younger years, Aimee participated in dancing, enjoying the classes and friendships she made within the sport, many of those friends who she still dances with today. Competitively she focused on gymnastics, as an athlete, a coach and a judge and also enjoyed alpine skiing and sport aerobics.  


The Athlete

A life-changing injury from gymnastics at the age of 16 caused Aimee to re-evaluate her life and determine a new path. Her love for the sport and the opportunity to be involved in para-athletics became an anchor for Aimee in the months following her injury. 


Aimee loves the physical and mental challenges that sport provides along with the opportunities it brings to athletes on and off the track. When asked about her love for the sport, she advised: “I love the sense of freedom, the competitiveness, the community and the opportunities it brings” 


Aimee is very goal driven, tenacious and determined. She works hard to stay focused on her goal and the pathway she is pursuing, helping her to keep pushing forward when roadblocks and challenges arise. 


The most memorable moments of Aimee’s athletic career to date include holding the U18 and U20 Australian records for F55 Shot Put and Discus. Becoming the 2021 national champion for 200m and achieving the national podium for 100m and 400m. She also recently competed internationally in Switzerland for the IPC Grand Prix/Swiss Nationals and Daniela Jutzeler Memorial. 


Advice for Aspiring Athletes

When asked what advice she would give to aspiring athletes, Aimee wanted them to remember that there are many different pathways to achieving your goals. Sport provides an avenue for opportunities and enjoyment for athletes of all levels. Regardless of whether you know exactly what you want to pursue, aren’t sure, or have to follow a different path; ultimately everything is taking you in the right direction. She says: “If you have an end goal, keep pushing forward and don’t let anything stand in your way. Enjoy the process and see where the journey takes you.” 


Valour Fit 

Aimee’s ability to focus on her goals, inspire herself and advocate for others shows tremendous strength and determination aligning her with the Valour Values. 


When asked about her favourite Valour products, Aimee says: “The Time Out Embossed Crew is lightweight, the soft fabric is comfortable and it goes with everything. I really like the design of the Valour tights – as a para-athlete and wheelchair user, I like that the back of the waist is higher than the front, they are a lot more comfortable to sit in. They also sit better for the position I am in, when in my race chair”


Behind the Scenes

When not on the track, Aimee is completing a Bachelor of Medical Sonography/Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography at university. Since the age of 4 and following a few broken bones, Aimee dreamt of being a radiographer. 


To relax, Aimee has days with no plans where she can catch up on TV shows, go out with friends or stay at home to spend time with family and her cat. Aimee loves skiing and tries to put time aside for this each Winter. If there is ever any additional spare time, she enjoys painting, drawing and textiles.