Swifts Partnership Announcement

A Legacy Continues: Valour and NSW Swifts Redefine Partnership for Success

Valour Sport and NSW Swifts proudly announce the renewal of their partnership, heralding a new era of excellence both on and off the court. This renewal reaffirms Valour's role as the Official Apparel and Merchandise Partner for NSW Swifts, cementing a relationship built on passion, innovation, and unwavering support.

Kath Tetley, Executive General Manager of NSW Swifts, underscored the profound significance of the renewed partnership, articulating, "The partnership with Valour stands as a testament to a new standard of support and dedication to excellence that our players had not experienced before we signed with Valour. The meticulous attention to detail and bespoke nature of the uniforms provided by Valour is paramount for our athletes. Valour's unwavering commitment to ensuring that our players are not only equipped to perform at their peak but also exude confidence, both in appearance and comfort, is truly invaluable to us."

Matthew Knight, Director of Valour Sport, delved significance of the ongoing partnership, elucidating, "At Valour Sport, supporting netball has always been a focal point, spanning from grassroots initiatives to the professional level. Our collaboration with NSW Swifts transcends mere sponsorship; it epitomises our shared commitment to elevating the sport to new heights. By merging our expertise in sportswear design with the insights and needs of elite athletes, we've embarked on a journey of pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation.”

“This partnership isn't just about outfitting players; it's about empowering them to excel and inspiring fans everywhere. We're immensely proud to continue this journey with NSW Swifts and to contribute to the ongoing success and growth of netball."

Throughout the partnership, Valour and NSW Swifts have shared a close relationship, working hand in hand to develop apparel that meets the exacting standards of elite athletes. Maddy Turner, Valour's Swifts Ambassador, attested to the depth of this collaboration, stating, "As both a player and ambassador, I've witnessed firsthand the dedication and care that Valour invests in every aspect of our partnership, from design to performance testing."

"As we embark on another season with NSW Swifts, we're excited to unveil the latest merchandise offerings, featuring exclusive designs and performance-enhancing features," expressed Knight. "We aim to strengthen fan connection and loyalty through compelling storytelling and innovative merchandise."

Fans can anticipate the launch of new NSW Swifts merchandise, available online at valoursport.com.au and at game days. As the Swifts prepare for the upcoming Super Netball season, Valour Sport and NSW Swifts stand poised to continue their journey of passion, innovation, and success.

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About Valour Sport:

Valour Sport is a leading provider of high-performance sportswear, dedicated to empowering athletes with innovative apparel designed for ultimate comfort and performance. With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Valour Sport continues to push the boundaries of athletic wear, inspiring athletes to reach new heights of excellence.