Exceptional Talents Shine: Newcastle Grammar School Students Selected as Valour Ambassadors for 2023

Valour, Australia’s celebrated sportswear brand known for its commitment to excellence and innovation, proudly unveils its new line-up of brand ambassadors for 2023, Aela Streatfield, Olivia McGee, and Luke Talley. All three ambassadors are students at Newcastle Grammar School and have been selected for their exceptional achievements and strong alignment with Valour's values.

Aela Streatfield, currently in Year 12 and an avid netball player, has a long-standing connection with Valour. She first wore their gear when she made the School NSW PSSA netball team at the age of 12. Over the years, she has witnessed Valour's sportswear evolve, always maintaining its high quality and comfort. Aela's passion for netball, her drive, and her gratitude for the opportunities she's received fuel her desire to give back to her netball community—a value that resonates deeply with Valour.

Olivia McGee, a talented dancer in Year 10, is an exemplary embodiment of determination and hard work. With training in various dance styles, Olivia has set her sights on a professional dancing career overseas. As a mentor to younger dancers, she cherishes the authentic friendships and connections she's made along the way. Olivia is honoured to wear and train in her school's Supporting Athletic Performance program (SAP) uniform from Valour, which she finds incredibly comfortable and supportive, allowing her to focus solely on her training goals.

Luke Talley, a powerlifter in Year 11, believes in the power of sport to unite people and promote inclusivity. He shares Valour's commitment to championing athletes of all abilities and levels, making him a natural fit as a brand ambassador. Valour's lightweight and breathable apparel has been instrumental in Luke's training, allowing him to train effectively with full range of motion and comfort.

The selection of these exceptional students as Valour brand ambassadors for 2023 was facilitated through Newcastle Grammar School's acclaimed SAP program. Under the expert guidance of Ms Sam Poolman, NGS's Head of Athlete Development, the SAP program has been propelled to new heights of professionalism.

Designed to cater to the needs of high-performing athletes, the SAP program provides a comprehensive support system that covers various crucial aspects of an athlete's development. From adjusted timetables that allow for increased training to workshops, individual physiotherapy, performance and mindset support, strength and conditioning programming, nutrition workshops, academic support, and wellbeing assistance, the SAP program nurtures student-athletes to achieve their full potential.

"I am incredibly impressed with all the students from the SAP program, and I am thrilled to welcome Aela, Olivia, and Luke as part of Valour's brand ambassador family for 2023," shared Katharine Kurek, Marketing Manager at Valour. "Their remarkable stories and experiences truly resonate with Valour as a brand that wholeheartedly supports young athletes throughout their entire journey. At Valour, we strive to be a true partner and advocate for young athletes as they pursue their dreams,"

"Aela, Olivia, and Luke perfectly embody the spirit of determination and excellence that we value at Valour, and we are confident that their journeys as brand ambassadors will inspire countless others to believe in their potential and pursue their sporting passions with unwavering courage."

Of this partnership, Head of Newcastle Grammar School, Mr Matt Macoustra said, “The unique SAP program for aspiring elite athletes at NGS is exceptional and allows for opportunities such as this ambassadorship with Valour. I am proud of the dedication each of these students shows to their craft, and I am sure they will represent NGS and Valour with integrity and excellence. Congratulations!”  

As brand ambassadors, Aela, Olivia, and Luke will collaborate closely with Valour to promote their sportswear and share their experiences with the world. Their unique perspectives and genuine love for Valour's products will undoubtedly resonate with athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

Stay tuned to Valour's social media channels and website for updates and insights from Aela, Olivia, and Luke as they embark on their exciting journey as Valour brand ambassadors in 2023.

About Valour

Valour is a leading sportswear brand dedicated to providing athletes with high-performance, innovative, and comfortable gear. Committed to supporting athletes at every level and empowering them to reach their full potential, Valour's customised uniforms embody the unique spirit of each team and association they collaborate with.

About Newcastle Grammar School

Newcastle Grammar School is a leading independent school renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, holistic development, and sporting achievements. Led by a team of dedicated educators and professionals, NGS strives to provide a nurturing environment that fosters the growth and success of its students.