Fashion and performance. NanoFuse is the most luxurious sportswear fabric on earth

NanoFuse is a knitted bamboo charcoal fibre that epitomises fashion and performance. Sportswear made from NanoFuse is highly absorbent, antibacterial and non-irritating.

Bamboo is considered the world’s most sustainable resource - it can grow 20-30cm in a day. Bamboo plants are a blessing for the environment. They absorb five times the amount of carbon dioxide and produce 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

Silky to the touch, NanoFuse has been milled to Valour's exacting standards. Against the skin, NanoFuse is softer than silk.

  • Naturally antibacterial, odour resistant and anti-irritant
  • Highly porous and offering unprecedented absorbency
  • A natural infrared radiator, NanoFuse activates human cells to increase cellular energy, speed up circulation and improve metabolism.


Fabric Content: 100% Polyester

Weight: 160gsm

Available immediately for sublimated sportswear.
Custom dyed colours available on request.
Minimum quantities required



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