Unveiling Valour's Colour Matching Mastery

Have you ever dashed out, grabbed one of your track jackets in a dimly lit room, thinking it matches your navy training pants, only to discover on the way to the track that you picked up the ink one instead? Black, ink, and navy – these colour nuances often pose challenges, a common concern for new clients joining Valour. How can one ensure consistency across different fabrics, let alone manufacturing runs?

Enter Valour, a pioneer in quality school and sportswear, fearlessly addressing this challenge. We grasp the concern, and that's why we don't merely acknowledge it; we provide a solution – a level of colour matching that far surpasses the industry standards of most suppliers. This innovative technology ensures precision and vibrancy from the design phase to the final delivery, setting a new standard in on-brand apparel.

At the core of Valour's ethos lies a personal mission. Picture this commitment not only as a corporate promise but as a guarantee that your uniform jacket flawlessly matches your shorts, track pants, and tights every time you rush out the door, regardless of their differing fabrics and manufacture dates. Our assurance hinges on our colour-matching technology that is utilised for every customer of Valour, meticulously safeguarding consistency and showcasing their brand.

Within Valour’s manufacturing facilities, we enhance our colour measurement capabilities, ensuring a level of sophistication that sets us apart. No jargon, just results. The technology we employ as a key in ensuring unparalleled colour consistency sets a remarkable standard with a variance of less than 1.5%, compared to the industry benchmark of 3-5%. Here's a simplified explanation of how this precision instrument works:

Valour's proprietary approach meticulously refines colours against benchmarked swatches specially dyed for our client, ensuring that every garment consistently maintains a tight colour match. This is crucial in the apparel industry, where maintaining consistent brand colours is paramount for a unified and professional image.

To ensure ongoing accuracy, Valour employs regular calibration, aligning the process with established colour standards. This commitment to preserving a high level of accuracy underscores Valour's dedication to delivering superior and precisely matched apparel to its clients.

Valour understands that a brand is more than merely a logo; it is an entire representation of the company ethos, its values, goals, and achievements. Similarly, a uniform jacket, pair of shorts, or track pants is not just an article of clothing. It's a representation of your brand, a promise of consistency, and a guarantee that the shades match seamlessly every time you step out. Valour's dedication to precision ensures that your uniform is a harmonious reflection of your distinct brand identity. Valour stands as the benchmark of reliability, setting a new standard in the art of colour matching.