Sporting and Remedial Benefits of Compression Wear

The diversity of benefits provided by compression wear makes it ideal for a range of consumers. From younger sporting enthusiasts, to those in sedentary working roles, to those suffering certain medical conditions, right through to sporting professionals.

Compression wear offers a range of sporting and remedial benefits.


Sporting Benefits of Compression Wear


Muscle Support and Stability

The precise fit of Valour compression wear moulds to the body, moving with the muscles. The compression will help increase the oxygen flow to the muscles, while the firm support stabilises muscles while working out to reduce the risk of injury.


Reduce Muscle Fatigue

Compression helps reduce muscle fatigue though out the workout, enabling you to perform better for longer. The compression garments work to delay the onset of muscle soreness and rigidity, in turn reducing muscle fatigue.

 Womens Compression Wear

Enhanced Recovery

Wearing compression wear offers enhanced recovery by reducing muscle fatigue while providing additional support following the workout. This post work-out compression will continue to increase blood flow to the muscle group, helping to reduce lactic acid and ultimately providing an enhanced recovery.  


Improved Flexibility

The precise fit of the compression garment enables maximum stretch and flexibility with no restrictions.

 Benefits of Compression Wear

Remedial Benefits of Compression Wear


Reduced Swelling

Compression helps your body to absorb and redistribute? superfluous fluid. Workers in sedentary roles, like nurses or shop assistants who have to stand for lengthy periods of time, often end up with tired, sore legs. Using compression tights during their work hours can help prevent congestion in the veins, reducing leg pain and discomfort.


Help with Varicose Veins and DVT

The graduated compression within compression tights will help encourage blood flow. Sufferers of Varicose Veins can use the compression wear when exercising to reduce the pooling of blood. Compression wear will also aid travelers as the increased blood flow can help reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)


Comfort for all Occasions

Designed with sports in mind, the Valour Compression wear is flexible, comfortable and durable. Featuring anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties, it will help keep you cool during exercise while also providing warmth for early morning and late-night training sessions. Made using high quality fabric, the tights offer complete coverage giving you peace of mind where ever you are and for whatever you are doing.


So, whether you are a sports enthusiast, someone looking for additional circulatory support or a parent on the sidelines; the Valour Compression range will help you look and feel great while supporting your body.