Collaborative partnership with Super 6 High Performance.

Valour is proud to announce its collaborative partnership with Carl Jennings NZBM and Super 6 High Performance.


The alignment of high-quality sportswear with an expert in the field of Applied Athletic Development; driven by the joint desire to help young athletes, makes this an important collaboration. 


Born in England, Carl had a passion and natural talent for music, playing the clarinet in the city’s youth orchestra and winning a prestigious Brighouse Band Championship with the bugle. His musical ability unfortunately led to him being bullied at school which pushed Carl to become stronger and to be able to defend himself. Health issues stopped Carl from getting into sport at an early age, however at the age of 14, Carl’s father, a competitive bodybuilder took him to the gym to try and improve his health. Responding well to the training, Carl ended up becoming the North of England U21 Junior Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting Champion, and eventually a National Shot Put Champion and international athlete.


Carl is a proud overachiever, believing that everyone has the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport and your ability to succeed lies in your mindset and key behaviours. This thinking underpins his success as an athlete and throughout his roles as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach within elite professional sport.


Throughout his career, Carl has been blessed with the opportunity to coach, influence, and mentor many of the world’s most successful rugby league and rugby union players over a 25-year period, along with other world class athletes in a range of sports. Carl’s journey has been abundant; peppered with extreme highs and desperate lows.


In 2016 Carl was awarded the New Zealand Bravery Medal on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for an act of bravery. This life changing moment, made Carl question his life and purpose, ultimately leading him to alter his path. Carl chose to focus his abilities on helping young aspiring athletes by developing Super 6 High Performance (S6HP).


Since its inception, the S6HP program offers a safe, high-performance environment for all young athletes to develop both physically and emotionally, with a focus on coaching behaviours and emotional strength giving them the tools to overcome future adversity. Carl is passionate about offering an all-inclusive program and has found that the program, training and discipline required is enhancing the holistic development of all attendees.


Always looking to improve our community engagement, Valour is excited to partner with Carl and the S6HP program. Passionate about sport, with many community sporting partners, helping young athletes is vital to Valour. The S6HP program offers a way for Valour to help share Carl’s wealth of knowledge. It opens the pathway to help more community organisations as well as giving disadvantaged children mainstream opportunities previously unattainable.


When asked about the partnership, Carl says “I am excited by our partnership with Valour which enables the opportunity to help more athletes. Developing the right way of thinking within young people is such a powerful life altering thing”


Valour co-founder Matthew Knight shares Carls sentiments and says: “When I first met Carl Jennings, I was captured by his amazing nature and determination to positively contribute to people’s lives. His unrelenting energy is inspiring. I am so excited to be aligning our great businesses together to truly unlock the potential of our young up and coming superstars. At Valour, we are focused on tailoring our partnerships that allow our clients to achieve their goals that lie beyond, apparel.”

While this is just the beginning of this incredibly collaborative partnership, Carl, together with Valour are already making an impact on community groups. Watch this space for more updates.