Valour Sport revolutionises the sports uniform of Seymour College

It’s exciting for Valour to redesign an entire school sports uniform - It’s a wonderful way to showcase what we do best.

A redesign showcases that we do best at Valour. For Seymour College, the result is a spectacular display of the school’s heritage in a contemporary school sports uniform. We’re proud to say it’s one of our most creative designs.

Carolyn Cochrane, Seymour’s Director of Sport recently said, “Through a fun, supported and girls only environment, we aim to buck the national trend and encourage all our girls to enjoy playing sport for fun, friendship and fitness at the level they choose to participate.”

With 92% of Seymour’s senior school students playing sport, it was time for an update.

The opportunity to modernise the look of Seymour College, a Pre-K to Year 12 girls’ school in Adelaide, was both an honour and challenge.

With an outdated kilt style skirt, male fits and other garments not suitable for school sportswear, Seymour worked with Valour to make a grand statement with their new sports uniform.

You can imagine how excited Seymour’s AFL players were when they saw a modern sublimated AFL Guernsey teamed with 4-way stretch sports shorts!

Valour is fortunate to partner with like-minded schools who aim to be innovators in all facets of their brand.

Seymour College had the foresight to modernise the fit, fabrics and branding of their school sports uniform in a striking way. At Valour, we consider Seymour trailblazers!

Valour Sport AFl Guernsey and AFL shorts for Seymour College
Valour Sport softshell jacket, sports shorts and sports cap for Seymour College
Valour Sport puffa vest and sports shorts for Seymour College

Why did Seymour College choose Valour’s custom sports uniforms?

The Valour difference is our advanced fabric technology. “We offered Seymour high quality sports uniform fabrics and custom fabric technology for their on-field sportswear. Valour manufactured Seymour's AFL kits, Touch Football uniforms and Netball dresses from a barricade fabric. Soccer and hockey kits use lightweight sportswear fabrics”, Valour's director Matthew Knight said.

Matthew added, “Core PE uniforms are constructed from VS Mesh and MicroFlex. For the best softshell jackets we chose VS Softshell and DryFlex was the fabric of choice for puffa vests and all-weather jackets.”

“Female fits and Seymour branded embellishments were also highly desirable to Seymour College”, Matthew said.

Valour supplied Seymour College with a pre-production sample for every garment so staff and students were able to touch, feel and try on their new sportswear before Seymour even placed an order.

Valour’s factory is solar powered and adheres to ethical manufacturing standards. This was appealing to Seymour’s decision makers.

Valour engages in industry best practices, both domestically and internationally, to minimise the impact of our environmental footprint. Our exclusive manufacturing facility has above-standard working conditions and wages, with strict child labour policies and safe work standards enforced. Our qualified textile technicians deal directly with fabric mills to create fabrics that are exclusive to Valour Sport and free from harmful chemicals.

Respecting the heritage of Seymour College

Seymour College has a rich Scottish heritage. Taking inspiration from the school crest, Valour’s design pays homage to the Thistle and St Andrews Cross, choosing to subtly incorporate more vibrant shades of colours also drawn from the school's crest.

“Keeping the traditional Blackwatch pattern for formal wear, we lightened the base colour of Seymour’s sports uniform from dark green to white, adding highlights of ink with a vibrancy of purple and emerald green to create contemporary sportswear”, Vanna Floros, Seymour’s Account Manager, said.

Modern Sports Uniforms added to Seymour’s range

Head of Sport, Caroline Cochrane, added 7/8 compression tights to Seymour’s core sports uniform.
Seymour’s puffa vest is a modern fashion item that’s versatile for year-round wear. It features a custom zipper pull.
Softshell jacket with a removable hood is a modern addition to Seymour’s core PE uniform.
Sports shorts are manufactured from a 4-way stretch fabric and designed in a modern style.
Tapered, female-fit track pants are a modern update on Seymour’s traditional sports uniform.

Seymour’s Head of Sport, Carolyn Cochrane, is a forward-thinking pioneer of school sports programs. Her initiative to add 7/8 compression tights, a puffa vest, softshell jacket, modern fit sports shorts, tapered female fit track pants and arch support sports socks is revolutionary. The end result is a prominent branding representation of Seymour College among the school community and public.