Valour Ambassador in Focus: Josh Azzopardi

Josh Azzopardi, Valour Ambassador and Camden Local, was recently chosen to compete for Australia in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.


Growing Up

Having always been sporty, Josh got into Little Athletics in under 6’s with the Camden Little Athletics Club. At this point, Josh viewed athletics as a hobby and a social event; a way to hang out with mates. He then left Athletics to play AFL and switched to Rugby League in his mid-teens. While fit from his footy training, Josh had minimal sprint training, so when we run a sub 11 a week after his 17th birthday, he knew he could do something special if he put his heart and soul into it.


Deciding to knuckle down and train vigorously, Josh was determined to see where he could get to in this sport!


The Athlete

His constant determination and belief in not leaving any of it to chance, meant that Josh was persistent and driven. This drive kept Josh climbing the Athletics pathways, continually improving and aiming higher. Even through injury he powered through, unwavering in his resolve to do all the work required, even if he didn’t feel like it at the time.


Josh has made large inroads to the Athletics community and his most memorable moments include:

  • Getting selected for the Commonwealth Games Team
  • Winning the National 100m Silver after starting the season with an injury
  • Winning Bronze in the Oceania Championships with a personal best time of 10.27 for 100m


Advise for Aspiring Athletes

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring athletes, Josh says: “Be patient and don’t take shortcuts because you’ll regret it in the long run. No doubt the journey is going to be tough but that’s what makes the destination that much sweeter. I promise if you give your all and then some you will reap the rewards at some stage and you will love yourself for putting the hard work in.”


Valour Fit

As an Athlete, Josh is an ideal Ambassador for Valour, continually showcasing determination and persistence. His focus and drive continue to push him forward. The training Josh undertakes makes him a perfect candidate to review our Compression Wear products - specifically designed for Athletes, helping them push harder while recovering faster.


Having recently tested our compression wear, Josh says: “The V1% Compression Range is amazing. It keeps me warm on those freezing Sydney days when I’m training and it fits so comfortably on my skin.”


When asked about his favourite products, Josh says: “I love the entire compression wear range. My favourite Valour products include the short and long leg compressions along with the arm sleeve. The arm sleeve compression keeps my arm muscles warm and matches my racing singlets! The compression bottoms are amazing in winter to keep my legs warm while training in the cold.”


Behind the Scenes

When not training, Josh Azzopardi enjoys chilling out and relaxing. Watching movies and TV shows, hanging out with friends and enjoys going out for a meal. Always looking for something fun to do, Josh loves going on holiday (or dreaming of the next one) along with adrenalin inducing activities. Josh Azzopardi is also studying a Diploma in Applied Fitness at the Australian College of Physical Education.


We wish Josh the best for the Commonwealth Games and look forward to seeing a lot more of Josh Azzopardi on the Australian Athletics tracks.