Valour consistently develop ground-breaking sportswear fabrics. Our extensive experience ensures Valour sportswear fabrics and resulting school sports uniforms are of superior quality, durability and performance.

With a core library of 12 high performance sportswear fabrics, Valour can design and manufacture an unlimited variety of sportswear uniforms. Every fabric, and garment, is designed with easy care in mind.

Specialists in R&D of fabric technology, Valour has redefined sportswear fabrics for better all-round style, support and durability. Our developed range of fabrics follow four values:

  1. Appropriate for the job: Sportswear should be comfortable and appropriate for the tasks that athletes must complete.
  2. Quality made: Breathable and easily laundered fabrics are vital for sportswear uniforms.
  3. Comfortable: Athletes put a large amount of strain on their bodies and sportswear, therefore it is important to develop fabrics that are comfortable to wear all year round.
  4. Presentable to the public: Sports uniforms should present a positive image to the public – crisp prints and consistently in colour across a sports uniform range is critical for the Australian market.

Consistency is the Valour Difference

With thousands of metres and kilos of fabric in in storage, our extensive warehouse of sportswear fabrics are colour dyed ensuring a tracksuit jacket will be exact same colour as sports shorts and a sublimated netball dress.

Valour’s stringent colour dying and matching process ensure minimal variation of +/- 2% to our master colour. Only a computer is able to see the variance.